Service Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a must read type of document that we would want all of our users to look through on our website for their own safety.

Website Security

Our website performs routine security checks and makes sure that we have the most secure systems possible to ensure that your payments and personal information is always private, protected and only visible to our company. We do not take responsibility for clumsy life situations such as you, the user, not logging out of a device that is used by other people besides you, or saving your personal information on desktops in Internet cafes, school libraries and etc. Keep your data safe and protected.


Below you will find comprehensive privacy statement. While the sites fundamental aspects of the privacy statement might not change, we advise that all of our users carefully examine the details of our privacy policy from time to time so they are aware of any changes that may, or may not occur. This is for your own good, so please keep up to date with any of the changes that may occur.

Gathered User Information

The information that is gathered on our clients and essay writers is used only to improve the services offered here at, and to better the support we already have for our customers. It is not given to any third parties. We understand the importance of the clients wanting to keep their identities hidden, and we take all the precautions necessary to make sure that the information our clients trust us with stays private. Personal information such as payments and login info, under no circumstances is given to any third parties.None of our user personal information is given out to third parties under any circumstances.

Prohibited Disclosures

The information found on our website, is not open to the public, and may not be used in any court of law during any actions, unless the commissioner is responsible for such actions claimed by another party. Usage of the information either by employees or employers related to this privacy policy are for the exclusive use of the commissioner responsible. Do not disclose any of your personal information, such as payment data and login information, via chat with other users or writers on our website. This are security precautions for your own good! That data information should be for your eyes only!Do not disclose any of your personal information through any of our chats with either our staff or writers for security purposes. A claim of benefits may be determined to an affected party at the commissioners discretion.

Link Disclaimer

In order to provide our visitors with certain information, provides them with links to local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as websites of other organizations. Once you get linked to other sites from, you are subject to the terms and conditions of that website, including, but not limited, its privacy policy.

Future Privacy Policy Amendments

If in the future, any of our terms and conditions are changed in the near future. Our website in no way or form is obliged to inform you of those changes. Continually re-reading our privacy policy from time-to-time is the sole responsibility of the client, not EssayServices.Online responsibility. Therefore, we highly recommend that our customers and writers regularly read through our privacy policy for any changes that may occur, thus affecting their experience with our company, to prevent future misunderstandings.

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