What is EssayService?

EssayService is an academic writing platform where you can get professional help with your undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate assignments. We have a team of experienced academic writers who will help you improve your performance by writing an essay, research paper, term paper, review, speech, thesis, or another type of paper for you.







EssayService Key Features

Hiring Process

Same as with any other high-profile service, we take great care when selecting new people to join our team. When it comes to our writers, they have to go through several stages of selection:

1. Providing accurate personal information;
2. Telling us about their professional skills and relevant writing experience;
3. Successfully completing a test that checks their skills and knowledge of academic writing;
4. Providing sample essays to prove their proficiency in grammar, text styling, and structuring of academic pieces;
5. Submitting a copy of their university diploma or some other proof of higher education as well as a copy of their ID.


The testimonials you see on our platform are real and can be trusted. All of them were written by our real customers who actually received papers from our writers. The option of leaving feedback opens up to our customers only when they finalize their order process and get their final paper. That’s why we are so sure that the star rating and the user experience reviews you see on our website will give you a clear and honest image of the quality of our work.

Personal Account

With our online platform, you get a personal account and use it for managing all of your orders, payments, communication with customer support, and pending bids. Your account will also give you an opportunity to place an order, check writers’ profiles, choose the writer who will do your essay, interact with them, get updates on the writing process, and release your account funds when you receive your paper and feel satisfied with it.

Our Team

Our team is one of the best you can find on the market. It took us years to build a strong team of writers and other professionals to deliver you the best papers and the best customer experience. We aim to always enhance the quality of our services, and our team makes it possible.

Phil Collins
321 Orders completed
My best memories are of university life. I hope you will have great memories too. I want to help you make the most of your time.
Prof. Essie.
120 Orders completed
I enjoy writing custom papers and have had many years of experience in grading papers. I know what it takes to earn solid marks.
Keen Writer
542 Orders completed
You don’t have to scrape through. Focus on learning instead of being overwhelmed by deadlines. Let me take the pressure off.
144 Orders completed
With EssayService I’ve been free to do the things I’m good at. I’ll make sure you get great marks, and then I get to keep windsurfing.
Writer Joy
420 Orders completed
After research for 10 years, I now have 3 great kids. I keep my mind active and the feedback I receive gives me a great feeling.
Jennifer Lockman
477 Orders completed
Working for EssayService has given me the opportunity to focus on perfecting my writing instead of wasting time on meaningless jobs.

Our Services

Writing from Scratch

Custom paper, urgent essay, a boring book review, and lots of other papers can be delivered to you by the EssayService professionals. Only unique and plagiarism-free papers. Always on time. Our team of experts has vast experience in this niche and will make sure you get an A-level paper according to each and every requirement.


At rather a low price, starting from $8 for a page, our experienced writers will help you improve your current paper and take it to the next level. They will use their knowledge and expertise in academic writing to turn your average paper into a piece your professor will love.


EssayService is this all-in-one service that can also give you excellent editing and proofreading help. We have a big team of professionals editors who can make your essay perfect by eliminating its imperfections, fixing all grammar and syntax mistakes, and turning a rather raw piece into an impressive academic paper.

What’s Included?

At EssayService, you will get to experience great academic assistance service that does not only presuppose getting a good essay but also a lot of other benefits. Here are some of them:
- Plagiarism Free Writing. As each paper is custom-made for our customers, it is 100% free of plagiarism;
- 24/7 Essay Writers’ Online Availability. Our writers are available at any time of the day or night to have a chat with you;
- A Paper that Mimics Your Style. A writer will copy your style of writing in the paper you order;
- Complete Confidentiality. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your personal data with us, we never reveal it to third parties;
- Deadline Punctuality. Our papers are always delivered on time;
- The Best Customer Support Out There. Our customer support representatives get special soft skills training, which makes them a pleasure to talk to.

The Privacy of Our Customers is Very Important to Us 

We never disclose personal or credit card information to third parties. In our system, each customer gets registered under a unique ID number, which means that even your writer won’t know your real name.
You can be sure that no one can ever find out you requested our help with your writing assignments.

Writing Responsibly with EssayService

Let’s face it, being a student can be challenging with all the pressure and lots of assignments being due at the same time. At EssayService, we will help you secure excellent academic performance as our team can give you professional advice and assistance, help you out in conducting research, synthesizing sources, structuring compelling arguments, or editing your paper. 

At a point, you might feel tempted to present the paper our writer gives to you as your own. We strongly discourage you from doing so as it would break your academic integrity and make you somewhat irresponsible in the face of the educational system. Rather than substituting your own studying efforts, our help should be regarded as a strong addition to your writing process. Our writers will give you the needed guidance and support for your studies to be easier. When using our services, you need to take responsibility. Make sure our guidance helps you grow and improve your academic skills and makes you a better learner. Whatever happens, we are here to help you learn how to learn and improve the way you write essays and do your assignments.